Pis Gonche, The Hound

A hound is a hunter; a follower and a leader.
They know when to stay calm, waiting out their prey for mistakes and fatigue.
They know when to let loose a howl that grabs packmates by their hackles and urges them forward.

This is what Bayers know that others do not understand when they ask how a God can be a hound.

A good dog is good because it puts the pack first
A good dog does not worry when away from its Master, it is always ready.
A good dog does not lord its qualities over the pack, it uses them for the pack.

This is what Bayers know that makes them stronger than those who believe in royal bloodlines or in voices for all.

~ Taken from The Teachings of Pis Gonche, The Hound of the Highlands, The First Hunter of the First Kings

Few Hobgoblins are religious. Sejmites are, in general, not people who spend time in worship. However, the philosophy of The Hound pervades much of Sejm’s culture, from its writings and music to its governing principles. To save one a long read, the general gist is: ‘Be strong. Don’t be weak. Do all this for the pack, and if you won’t then the pack should tear you apart’

Pis Gonche, The Hound

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