Fi'Wa'rosh - Temples of Magma and Flame

Devotees of Fi’Wa hold to a truth proven by the volcanos: Even something as great and powerful as the seas cannot stop change.

Fi’Wa has small temples, usually only large enough to house a single caretaker. The properties of the temples are always ample, with enough space for singing, dancing, bonfires. Priests are expected to be entertainers and storytellers more than holy men who can enthrall a crowd and get the people to turn their energies to the community.

Darker moments are when members of a community betray it. In those times the temple grounds stand as courtrooms, the local mob as the arbiter, and the kindest punishments are being sacrificed to a volcano.

Despite these stark judgements, Fi’Wa teaches that one may fall so low they cannot be seen for the waves. We may always erupt forth and reclaim ourselves, different but strong.

Fi'Wa'rosh - Temples of Magma and Flame

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