Sejm, The Contrived Republic

Major Race(s): Hobgoblin, Gnome

We are all, together, for the Sublime, the Country, and the Future

Pis Gonche, The Hound
Ila, Spirits Within


No one called the Hobgoblins soft. Or caring. Or open. Yet when the Gnomes came in caravans of thousands to Sejm, they were raised as citizens, equals, and even given voting rights for parliament seats. Within a generation the Hobgoblins and Gnomes formed a nation indivisible and, to the outside world, impossible.
However, Hobgoblins excel at two things beyond any other race. Requiring growth and allowing anything that can prove its utility. Where other races had seen goofy, desert munchkins and annoying, tinkering thieves, the Hobgobs saw engineers, strategists, and survivors. Reversely, the Gnomes saw a nation of decipherable peoples who could give them protection, strength, and a sandbox for their curiosities.
While they struggle to hold their borders against Bijarti expansion, they win more than they lose. The mixture of discipline, machinery, and tactics they bring to bear has led them to victories against forces five times their strength.

The parliament which has formed is ruled, officially, by a Hobgoblin King, but he is advised directly by a pair of Gnomes. The King can, in theory, override any dissent, but in practice he and the Gnome Pair must come to an agreement before any final decisions. Both parts are nothing without the support of their earls and barons in the parliament, a loud mixture of the races with fewer divides along racial support than expected.
Currently the most obvious split is over how committed to war readiness the country should be. The Gnomish community, still remembering their near-genocide by the Elves, represent a larger bloc of the hawks. The Hobgoblins of the country believe they are as secure in their mountains as ever. In any case, there are no doves in this fight.

Sejm, The Contrived Republic

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