Euybad, Phoenix Queendom

Major Race(s): Fey, Gathlain, Sylph, Orcs

Leading is Bittersweet

Daoine, the Peoples of the Forest


At one time the realm of Euybad had no true borders, but anywhere west of the mountains if one were to ask a passing fairy who they looked to for wisdom it would be whoever sat on the throne of Euybad.
That was long, long ago. The Empires drove most of the fey and their kin, often called The People or Children, back to Quwwa and to their home island. When Bijart began its expansion a century ago, they quickly took the southern edge of the island and removed the previous King of Euybad by force. The fey were quick to respond, but overwhelmed. Their hold continues to dwindle, but Quwwa has begun to back them on the fighting fields.
Their current Queen is the granddaughter of a Phoenix, a sorcerous who greets ambassadors while wrapping herself in flame, she was raised to the throme initially as a symbol. She has proven to be cunning in battle and on the throne, and her upcoming marriage to one of the old King’s distant bloodline has a plethora of political payoff impending.

Euybad, Phoenix Queendom

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