Quwwa, Empire of Kings

Major Race(s): Duegar
Minor Race(s): Strix

All will find refuge under His Shield


History has been unkind to the Dwarves of the west. Those in Bijart were slaves and still are seen as lesser. Their cousins in Quwwa were labeled as ‘evil’, ‘treacherous’, or ‘savage’ for their defiance.

It’s fair that the Duegar were happy to help the Strix clear out the Fey’s forest for more land, and ‘ruthless’ is a label none of them would deny, but they bear that term with pride. To them it is synonymous with ‘efficient’ and ‘survivors’. They now sit as royal families, well-supported by their Strix subjects, and well they should. They are the living bearers of Ecran’s shield. The Strix carry the weight of that shield, but have been well protected by it. While anyone may become emperor, there has never yet been one raised who was not of the Families, at least by marriage. The current emperor comes from a family whose land is at the heart of the Empire and the most interbred.

Their relations with most external realms are strained, at best, though they do try to make use of the Bijarti to harass Sejm and the Phoenix Queen. Elementals and Giants always receive a rough treatment if spotted crossing one of the inner Kingdoms. The penalties are torture or slavery, with plenty of public rejoicing.

Quwwa, Empire of Kings

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