Nuwang, Breakaway Queendom

Major Race(s): Kobolds, Lizardmen
Minor Race(s): Draconians

A bright star in stormy seas

Haidao, Great Serpent at Sea

To understand Nuwang, you must understand Heishou, the confederation is broke away from and the Queen that has lead it on this independent path.

The people of the west, beyond the fields and dunes, no little of these traders. The little news that reaches their ears tells of a power-mad street-born queen with the face of a kobold and the greed of a dragon.
The reptiloids of Nuwang would passionately disembowel those spreading these tales. To them, their Queen is a lady of their people who saved their cities and streets from the corrupt and dangerous criminals comoon to Heishou’s other trade hubs. They have fervently gone from seamen to sailors and traders to soldiers. She has visions for their future. A future they could never have dreamed before she came to power. They are ready to destroy anyone to make her vision their world.

Nuwang, Breakaway Queendom

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