Lurra, Eastern Empire

Major Race(s): Elementals
Minor Race(s): Avian, Merfolk, Gillmen, Ifrit, etc.

It is natural to serve Nature

Jainkao, Avatar of Elements

Long ago the elements making their way into this world crashed, stirred, settled, and swirled until they formed the planet that the rest inhabit. At some point, beyond any mortal memory, they realized how much power they had combined and took the continent. They decimated defiance, Organized, they had so much power aimed at any oppositions weaknesses that their sweeping reign took less than two decades.

However, along the southern borders, they were blocked entirely. Where dragons, lizardmen, and giants had crumpled, the Halflings of the swamps, with their wicked poisons and skull-wearing wisemen became a wall the Elementals found no way past. They interbred with the other species, giving rise to mixed-race offspring. These new soldiers made headway against in the swamps, but it was slow and costly.

Had they left the swamps alone, the Elemental Empire, Zeruan, may have continued uncontested until today. But they didn’t and the Halflings eventually went on the offensive. They taught their strength to the Giants of Erraldoi, modern day Bijart, who they had traded with for centuries. The secret to that strength lies in the burned ruins from the Giant’s fallen empire which it helped create. The Elements refused to give up against, what they considered, such weaker creatures.
The Fire raged. The Wind howled. The Earth shook. The Water bubbled with pride.
In the end, the Giants destroyed so many of them that the slow spawning Elementals now hold only to the northeast of the continent. They have fallen into bickering and in-fighting. Their capital a stronghold of ancient knowledge and fading center of trade in the east.
Zeruan has fallen and, in their disgrace, they now are only called Lura, Empire of the East.

Lurra, Eastern Empire

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