Heishou, Trader's Republic

Major Race(s): Humans, Kobolds, Lizardmen
Minor Race(s): almost all

Money, Friends, Tranquility

Duzang, Captain of Storms
Haidao, Great Serpent at Sea

Despite the claims of their former countrymen, the peoples of Heishou have lives full of potential. Reptiloids occupy larger parts of the cities than centuries past, but in cities as diverse as Heishou boasts, what’s one more weird neighbor.

Possibilities are endless. Diplomats dine with pirate lords in buildings that tickle the clouds. Sailors know that each trip to Heishou means exotic meals, exquisite whores, and strong hangovers. The southern tip boasts the world’s largest casino. The mercenaries in the western section can name their price for any of the earls and ladies who seek them. You can achieve anything in Heishou with motivation…

and connections. In the darker streets, thugs and pickpockets go unchecked. The southern tip boasts more broken families per neighborhood than any in the world. Each area is run by its own syndicate, and those in the know remember when the Queen of Nuwang was just another mob boss ready to break a wing over a late shipment or a losing race.

Heishou, Trader's Republic

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