Conyl, Merchant Confederation

Major Race(s): Goblins
Minor Race(s): Hobgoblins, Gnomes, Elves

Wealth Gives Birth to the Divine

Fi’Wa’rosh – Temples of Magma and Flame
Kol’rosh – Temples of the Sea
Sh’rosh – Temples of Tide and Moon


Nothing comes before the family to a well-off Goblin of Conyl. The less well-off aren’t asked.
The merchants in Conyl have benefitted from centuries of being the trade path to the northern seas. The old empires of the Giants and Elementals may have both ruled the land, but the families ruled the trade across the islands and on the wharves.
Since the fall of both empires, Conyl has gained little direct power. No family gains enough backing to move the country to war for long. Largely gains have only come through a particularly wealthy family taking nearby land through Hobgoblin mercenaries or simply buying it out directly and erecting a fort. These areas, far from the trade centers, harbor the more wild and cliche goblins of fantasy.
In the cobbled streets and large hub cities, the Goblins read, write, study, trade, and show off their wealth through shows, festivals, and the arts. Through the Goblins patronage, the Gnomes of Conyl are said to have begun the next leaps in art and literature. The Goblins are unhindered by the Elven Hordes due to the large Lake, Kol’Katan, on their eastern border. The Elves one does see are almost exclusively slaves, the half-Elves usually bastards born of brothels.

Having so much trade and work across their borders has left Conyl well bonded to their southern neighbor Sejm. None of the same friendliness occurs with others to the south. If the Goblins are at war, it is likely with Quwwa

Conyl, Merchant Confederation

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